Welcome to Forget-Me-Not Inc.
We save death row dogs. The dogs that we rescue are saved from “death row” at our local Shelters. These pets often run out of time in the shelter because of overpopulation and a shortage of kennel space, or they just have a hard time being adopted due to age, breed, appearance, medical issues, or having special needs such as deafness or blindness. We never import dogs from out of state or euthanize healthy animals.
Our #UnforgettaBULL campaign is designed to encourage and promote successful adoptions of pit bulls and other dogs that have a difficult time being adopted in shelter environments. Our aim is to prove to our community that these “hard-to-place” dogs are great family pets that simply become¬†victims of circumstance in overpopulated shelter environments. We are working to improve the future for UnforgettaBULL dogs in our community by giving these intelligent, loving creatures the extra time, attention, and promotion that they need to find homes. We believe that working with our local Manatee County Animal Services is a great place to start. In fact, that’s where most of our adoptable dogs come from.