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Today is the Giving Challenge. To make a donation eligible for the matching opportunities, visit our Giving Partner page here:
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We’ve been preparing all year for today.

If you follow our Facebook page, you’ve probably already seen a ton of this, but we have cute Thumper photos down below for you, so hang in there!

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, donations made between noon today (Tuesday, Sep. 20) and noon tomorrow will be matched. If you donated to our rescue last year through the Giving Challenge, your donation of $25-$100 will be doubled. If this is your first time, your donation will be tripled. This is an amazing opportunity for our dogs! Last year, we were able to use the Giving Challenge funds to move our dogs to a new location, build all new kennels, and double the kennel space for some of our larger dogs. This is a pretty huge deal for us. $25 goes a long way out here at the kennels, but it goes quickly. The fact that our donors are able to triple their generous donations is almost unbelievable to us, and we hope you’re just as excited about it as we are.

To make a donation eligible for this matching opportunity, donate via this link before noon on Sep. 21:

Check out our Giving Challenge Video


Our partnership with Animal Services

We share a common goal with Manatee County Animal Services: We want to see these dogs get great homes. We were thrilled when MCAS director Sarah Brown agreed to partner with us for the Best Business Partner challenge this year. Immediately, we began to plan an adoption event for the dogs at the county shelter. We decided to call it “Clear the Shelter” because that was the ultimate dream. Sarah Brown believes being a No-Kill county shelter is achievable, and of course we will do whatever we can to help her in that mission. The kennels were overflowing with dogs, and still are, but by working together with Animal Services to promote this event and bring our event to life, we were able to help the county shelter adopt out 25 cats and 27 dogs in two days.

While our primary goal was adoptions and clearing kennels at the county shelter, we also set out to educate people on the dog overpopulation crisis in our area and how easy it is for great dogs to slip through the cracks and become forgotten in a crowded shelter. That is the whole idea behind our UnforgettaBULL campaign. So many people were astonished by the number of pit bull-type dogs filling up the kennels, and some of those people ended up going home with one of those blocky-headed friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Volunteer t-shirt model shows off our Unforgettabull merch

Also, we sold some awesome t-shirts to benefit our rescue dogs! If you want some fashion tips, you can start by shopping at our RedBubble store. We will also be selling t-shirts today, so keep up with our whereabouts on Facebook if you want to stop by and grab some UnforgettaBULL wear. Profits from merchandise purches go straight to our dogs!

We couldn’t leave him behind.

During our Clear the Shelter eventwith Manatee County Animal Services, our president Debbie fell in love with a charming little dog named Thumper. Honestly, we all fell in love with him. I’m pretty sure it’s not humanly possible to meet this dog and not love him. Twenty-seven dogs were adopted that weekend, but people just kept passing by Thumper’s kennel. It could be that he was saving all of his charm for us Forget-Me-Not volunteers, but it was probably the deformity of his front left paw that was turning people away. His deformity might be a little hard to look past for some… But he’s just our type! According to his vet records from Dr. Ashley Kanzler of Desoto Animal Clinic, the deformity is likely from an old fracture that never healed properly. This gives us hope that we’ll be able to get Thumper corrective surgery for his leg and he’ll soon be in ship shape! We scooped the little guy up at the end of the Clear the Shelter event on Saturday and we all giggled as we gave him kisses and loaded him into the van. Thumper is less than a year old, and soon enough we’ll find him a new home to enjoy the rest of his long, healthy life in. The freedom ride was glorious, and it was a beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Be the One to help us help dogs like Thumper! It’s thanks to our community that we’re able to do this at all. This is truly an amazing ‘village’. He still needs a lot of veterinary care, so we sure will appreciate any donations sent our way in Thumper’s name! Donate here during the Giving Challenge:

We are not only a rescue, but a sanctuary.

Hero, a sanctuary dog at FMN.We have some residents that we know may never leave us. Some of our dogs are still overcoming traumas that keep them at a sanctuary status, and some will never recover, but they’re safe here. We love these dogs. They’re our family. We knew what we were getting ourselves into by becoming a No-Kill rescue and housing sanctuary dogs, and part of that responsibility is affording lifelong care for dogs that will never be adopted. An example of this is Hero, our resident “Dangerous Dog” designee (AKA victim of a weird and outdated law that was recently turned upside down by Padi’s case). We agreed to give him sanctuary to save his life. We strive to give these sanctuary dogs as comfortable an enclosure as we can, and provide them with walks, socialization, and toys to play with every day. We want it to feel like a home for them. Please consider making a donation today during the Giving Challenge so we can continue caring for these special dogs. Donate here:

We’re on tour right now! (Around town)

We grabbed some pups and hit the road! We’ll be popping up all over town to find adopters for our dogs, meet new friends, and let people know about the Giving Challenge. We’ll be touring the town for 24 hours during the Giving Challenge to celebrate 24 hours of online giving. We’ll be starting out around noon in Downtown Bradenton in our “tour bus” (OK — it’s actually an RV, but it’s big and has couches… and dogs!). If you would like to join the Forget-Me-Not Tour or you have a great place for us to stop by and show off pups, send us a shout out on Facebook or e-mail us by replying to this message! Here’s a list of places you might find us partying with pups throughout the day and night:
– Downtown
– Riverwalk
– Kelsey’s
– Baddabing
– O’Leary’s
– St. Armand’s
– Main Street in Sarasota
Where will we pop up next?Appreciate what we do for the pups? Driving an RV is actually pretty challenging. Donate here for the Giving Challenge so we can keep making life better for homeless dogs:

Thank you to the sponsors of the Giving Challenge.
Thank you to the generous sponsors of the Giving Challenge. You’re helping people save dogs.
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