Two new additions!

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This weekend we set up our booth and brought some dedicated volunteers with us to our local shelter, Manatee County Animal Services (MCAS) for our partnered adoption event Love Me Tender. We left our rescue dogs at home for this event and focused all of our energy on getting the dogs and cats of MCAS adopted into loving homes. We’re a No-Kill rescue, so our dogs aren’t on a time limit the way the animals at the overcrowded county shelter are.

Of course, it’s pretty hard for a group of passionate animal rescuers to walk into a highly populated county shelter in need and walk out empty-handed. Our first precious little gem is this female Manx kitten. Orphaned at just one week old, she requires round-the-clock care and bottle feeding. We were smitten with this kitten! We saw her fuzzy little face and our volunteers reached out to a very special foster (Jen from The Pawffice) because we knew she would fall in love too! With the commitment of foster Jen, our rescue was able to pull this kitten and put her under our care. Now we can all rest assured she will have the best possible care and someday when she’s old enough, she’ll be adopted into an approved adoptive home. Welcome to the rescue, baby kitty! (Name still in the works.)

Our next surprise is Tiny Tim! Tim was a volunteer favorite at MCAS for several¬†months (a long time for a little pit bull in an overcrowded shelter), but all of the volunteers’ networking paid off and found Tim an adoptive home. Unfortunately, some time later Tim found himself back at the shelter. Tim’s situation was sad and urgent. We were all sharing his post on social media and telling everyone at the shelter how awesome he is during our events there. At the end of the day (literally, right before the shelter closed) we made the decision to bring Tim into our care. He’s exactly the kind of misunderstood, hard-luck, blocky-headed little dude we totally love. He’s just our type! We have a super awesome foster home in mind for Tim and he’s going to meet her in the next couple of days to see if they hit it off. Tim has been known to be great with other dogs, cats, and even a ferret. If you would like to apply to adopt Tim, visit

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