The dogs that we choose to save are considered “hard-to-place” but by no means does that make them hard to love. Things that can cause a dog to be “hard-to-place” are as simple as being born a pit bull, being older, large, mixed breed, or having a special need such as deafness. Almost all of our dogs have been saved from the euthanasia list, and almost all of them were on that list just because the facility was out of kennel space. The few dogs that need to be saved due to behavioral
problems come into our program at “Sanctuary Status”
 and are placed for adoption only once they have been rehabilitated to an adoptable level. We choose to believe that most dogs can be rehabilitated with love and patience, and we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

If we do rescue a dog that does not ever make it to adoptable status, they are welcome to live with us for life. Our dedicated volunteers and kennel staff are family to these dogs. We believe in striving for true No-Kill status, and we’re proud of our 100% ASPCA Save Rate.


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