So you think you would like to foster, but need to know more? Here are some commonly asked question about the fostering process.

  •  Will there be any out of pocket expenses for me?
  •  No, the Rescue will provide everything your foster pet will need, sometimes foster parents like to contribute by buying food, treats or toys and if you wish to do this, keep your receipts and pass them along to us, we will tally the totals for the end of the year and give you a tax donation receipt.
  •  What should I do if there is a medical emergency?
  • A folder with all the information you need on emergencies, contacts and what do to will arrive with your foster pet.
  •  Who pays for medical bills if they arise? Does that include treatment for my pets if they catch something from my foster dog?
  • All of our pets are vaccinated and you will not be given a pet that has any condition that could be transmitted to others. All veterinarian visits will be set up by the Rescue and paid for by the Rescue.
  • Can I pick which dog I would like to foster?
  • Each foster dog is assessed on compatibility with your lifestyle, not every dog will work in every situation.
  •  If I have a problem, how soon will someone get back with me?
  • Every effort will be made to get in touch with you as soon as possible, we have several avenues of communications to access us quickly.
  • What happens if I can no longer foster?
  • We ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you can no longer foster to allow us time to seek a new home for your foster pet.
  • If I find someone that wants to adopt, who contacts, screens and sets up the meet and greet?
  • We have volunteer counselors that will take care of all communications with a potential adopter.
  • Will I be required to bring him/her to pet adoption events, if so when and where?
  • The more exposure your foster pet gets either through social media or events will increase their chances of adoption, so we do ask that you attend some of our adoption or fundraising events when it is convenient to you, most are held locally and for a few hours only.
  • What if I decide that I want to adopt my foster dog, can I do that?
  • Yes! we only require that an adoption contract be signed.

If you still need to know more or we missed a question important to you, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any concerns with you.