Hero is our resident “Dangerous Dog” designee (AKA a victim of a weird and outdated law that was recently turned upside down by Padi’s case). We agreed to give him sanctuary to save his life when Animal Services and the court said he would be euthanized if no one stepped up for him. Stepping up for Hero meant agreeing that he could never be adopted, must have his home address registered on their dangerous dogs page, we would pay a $515 fee every year to keep him alive, we must put signs up on the premises that say “Dangerous Dog”, he must be muzzled and wear a leash that says “Dangerous Dog” when outside of his kennel, and his kennel must be built to very specific rules. We don’t believe Hero is a dangerous dog. We’ve known him for over 3 years now, and he’s only ever given us endless love and kisses.


We strive to give these sanctuary dogs as comfortable an enclosure as we can, and provide them with walks, socialization, and toys to play with every day. We want it to feel like a real home for them, and we are their family.